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New ditact_program_series: ditact_shortcuts
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May 24, 2012

ICT&S Center

On behalf of its 10th anniversary, ditact introduces an additional program_series, allowing a broader audience to connect with ditact and provide selected courses for those who cannot participate in summer or who want to get a first taste of ditact.

The ditact_shortcut weekend starts with a lecture open to the general public and on a current IT-topic, followed by 2-days mini-ditact for female ditact audience only.

The 1st ditact_shortcuts start with a lecture on “Legacy Systems in IT” by Maria-Therese Teichmann from T-Systems international on Thursday 6pm and “Introduction to HCI: Basics and Applications“ by Christiane Moser and Verena Fuchsberger on Friday and “Google Maps&Co” by Elisabeth Weinke and Sabine Hennig on Saturday.

For further information and registration (start: May 1st), please take a look at ditact.ac.at

May 24-26, 2012
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