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ICT&S Course Module "eLaw"


"eLaw" covers topics of ICTs in the context of information- and communication laws ranging from the civil law to the public law. The program is offered from the law faculty at the University of Salzburg, which has a long tradition in "informatics and law". Besides basics and fundamental terms regarding law, those courses comprise ICT-specific questions as e.g. electronic privacy, electronic signatures and ePersona, copyright, eCommerce, data privacy, and eGovernment. Alongside, practical courses concerning computer law are offered (handling of legal data bases and other legal special software).

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Lectures SS2015

KU: Juristische Arbeitstechniken und EDV
VO: Privates Informatikrecht (Bakk: e-commerce)
KU: International and European Environmental Law
VO: International Trade and Business Law
KU: Computer- und Online-Strafrecht
SE: IT-Recht und Rechtsinformatik
VO: Datenschutz und E-Government


Lectures WS2014/15

KS: Juristische Arbeitstechniken und EDV (Title English: Legal Methodology and Computing) (101007, 101021, 101090, 101730)
SE: IT-Recht und Rechtsinformatik
KS: Datenbankrecherche für Fortgeschrittene (Title English: Advanced Data Research for Lawyers)
VO: Bürgerliches Recht Allgemeiner Teil
KS: Geistiges Eigentum - Vertiefung
VO: Medien und Recht
SE: IT-Recht und Rechtsinformatik (für Diplomandinnen und Diplomanden)


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