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Information- and communication technologies (ICTs) determine the current developments in all industrial sectors as well as in all areas of work and life to a large extent. Competences regarding interfaces between technology, society, and the individual are basic requirements for future decision makers.

The interdisciplinary ICT&S electives are aimed at these current skills and qualifications in providing an overview on all particularly ICT&S-related topics at the University of Salzburg in the following areas: "HCI & Usability", "Technologies & Humanities", "eLaw" und "Politics & ICTs".

Course specialization ICT&S
In the framework of the electives, the ICT&S Center addresses all students of the University of Salzburg who want to gain adequate core competences in the field of new communication technologies or further deepen their knowledge.

12 ECTS ICT&S Basic Module [ICT&S Basismodul]
24 ECTS ICT&S Study Supplement [ICT&S Studienergänzung]
36 ECTS ICT&S Study Specialization [ICT&S Studienschwerpunkt]

Registration for all courses must be performed via PLUSonline.

After completing the required courses, you can request the certificate electronically at office@icts.sbg.ac.at (please download the form from this webpage). At the ICT&S Center it will be checked if the courses are applicable and the required ECTS credits have been accomplished. The certificate will then be issued by the ZFL (Central Service Unit for Flexible Learning and New Media) and sent back to the ICT&S Center. You will get notified as soon as you can collect your certificate at the ICT&S Center.

ICT&S Center – Center for Advanced Studies and Research in Information and Communication Technologies & Society

Mail: office@icts.sbg.ac.at
Web: www.icts.uni-salzburg.at
Telephone: 0662/ 8044-4800
Sigmund Haffner Gasse 18, 5020 Salzburg

ICT&S Study Specialization
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ICT&S Study Supplement
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ICT&S Basic Module
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Supplemental Studies
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Guide Supplemental Studies
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To acquire an ICT&S study supplement or specialization, 24 or 36 ECTS credits respectively must be completed. After finishing the basic module, an advanced module (for a study supplement) and building on that a specification may be completed.


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