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The ICT&S Doctoral Academy offers the educational foundation towards building inter- and transdisciplinary relationships applicable to the challenges of the upcoming information and knowledge based society. It's the ICT&S Center's philosophy to explicitly focus on the problems where individual disciplines are reaching their limits.

Students with a technical background like computer science will achieve a thorough understanding of methods from social science, students with a human science background will tackle technological problems. Participants of the ICT&S Doctoral Academy will gain the expertise to face the challenges of the interrelationsship between technology and society on several levels (from the individual level to the organizational level and the societal level as a whole) and deliver interdisciplinary solutions for the fields of (and not limited to)  business, policy and science. Core building blocks of education are the main ICT&S research areas: human- computer interaction and user experience, e-society and e-theory.

The Doctoral Academy offers an educational program leading to a doctorate in informatics (Dr. tech.) or social sciences (Dr. phil), depending on the student's master's program. Within this program doctoral students will attend lectures and seminars in the field of ICT&S, develop and write their disseration in  the transdisciplinary research context of ICT&S, gain experience in the composition of articles, presentation of posters, teaching, and management of scientific workshops. The Doctoral Academy offers its students the opportunity to make their first scientific career move equipped with an exceptional transdisciplinary and international mindset, supplemented by the co-operative working spirit of the ICT&S Center. 

For details on the curriculum, benefits of this program, research areas and themes, the ICT&S rationale, application procedure and funding opportunities please see the respective areas.

If you are interested, please send a concept of your dissertation of approximately 5 pages in the form of an abstract to Eva Gaderer. Your concept should include the motivation why you consider the ICT&S Center as the suitable organization to realize your project. Furthermore, please include your current CV including all scientific publications. Please note, that doctoral students at the ICT&S Center are also subject to the legal guidelines of the University of Salzburg (Dr.phil. or Dr.techn.). We therefore ask you to read up on the admission procedure and requirements of the University of Salzburg.

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