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ditact_women`s IT summer studies ditact_women`s IT summer studies
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ditact_women`s IT summer studies

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A special summer school for women in the field of IT is held at the ICT&S Center since 2004. The "ditact_women's IT summer studies" aims at ecouraging women to enter the field of engineering and to increase the proportion of women doing IT research.

About ditact 

ditact tries to find an approach specific to women to the issue "women in technology" and addresses especially female students. The courses are conceived to dismantle barriers concerning technical-informational topics and to encourage women to strive for a career in this field of work. The classical role assignations are still very present, although you can find numerous examples for outstanding achievements of women in technical and natural scientific areas. Therefore, the ditact female lecturers make those achievements visibly by performing not only as experts but also as "role models".

This year's ditact takes place from August 25th to September 6th, 2014.
For further information please visit ditact_women´s IT summer studies.

Contact: Alexandra Kreuzeder

Ditact Summer School

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