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Center for Human-Computer Interaction Center for Human-Computer Interaction
Mission Statement


We encourage innovation in and for cultural and creative institutions by researching and teaching the application of new information and communication technologies, as well as by studying the implications of innovation for society and democracy. Furthermore, our research contributes to shape relationships between humans and technologies towards optimized experiences to solve individual, social as well as societal challenges.

Research Clusters and Labs

The Cluster Innovation in Cultural and Creative Institutions (ICCI) is composed of the following labs:

  • Media, communication and democracy lab,
  • Ecosystem of news lab,
  • Communication policy and economics lab,
  • Innovation in arts and media culture lab.

The Cluster Human Computer Interaction (HCI), on the other hand, is composed of the six following labs:

  • Mobile Interfaces
  • Intelligent and emotional interfaces
  • Ambient interfaces
  • Social interfaces
  • Contextual interfaces
  • User experience methods and tools

Collaboration between members of different labs is issue-driven and organized through the establishment of Innovation Inter-labs. The purpose of these inter-labs is to study different types or aspects of innovation from different perspectives and disciplines, in order to generate new concepts and to identify macro-level trends:

  • Theories, Institutions and Society (socio-institutional innovation),
  • Aesthetic and Stylistic Innovation (socio-institutional innovation),
  • Technology Development and Use (techno-economic innovation),
  • Innovation in Industries and Enterprises (techno-economic innovation),
  • Teaching and Learning.

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